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Monitor cameras more carefully to make sure they are working properly.While the Chicago Tribune has delivered consistently biased coverage of the program, the paper deserves credit for exposing irregularities in enforcement, such as unexplained spikes in ticketing.And he promised that community meetings will be held before red light cameras are installed, moved, or removed.Here are some more steps the mayor should take to make automated enforcement more effective, transparent, and fair.Fines should be treated as a way to deter lawbreaking, not as an end in themselves, so the city should not count on them to balance the budget. It’s a common misconception that the Emanuel shortened yellow light times in order to increase ticket revenue.That wasn’t the case, but the city did quietly change its policy to allow tickets to be issued after yellow phases that were a fraction of a second shorter than 3.0 seconds, to allow for minute electrical fluctuations.But one of the things I want to emphasize is that getting your flight department involved is a good way to organize that department. It allows people to be involved and help their own careers,” Evans added.NBAA offers a wide array of resources for those interested in becoming a Certified Aviation Manager.

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A glance at a map of camera locations reveals that isn’t true.

Meanwhile, the worst intersections for pedestrian crashes involving children are in low-income neighborhoods on the South and West Sides.

When cams are installed at locations that don’t have a significant crash problem, it suggests that these sites were chosen with revenue — rather than safety — in mind.

A Don’t include ticket revenue as a projected funding source in the city budget.

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