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The place is known as Shichahai Area where most local residents still live in traditional courtyard-styled houses dotted along old hutongs.

Your Beijing trip is not complete without visiting Shichahai Area.

Food names, such as Miancha Hutong ( noodle and tea ) Temples, Baoguosi Hutong ( Baoguo Temple ) Daily necessities, Caomao Hutong ( straw hat ) Place names, as Inner Xizhimen Hutong Plants, such as Liushu Hutong (Liushu means willow) Light industry, as Damuchang Hutong ( big wood factory ) People's names, as Songguniang Hutong ( Ms Liu ) Government organs, as Jingcha Hutong ( Police Bureau ) When the new city of Yuan Dynasty was established, it is recorded that there were about 390 roads formed by the rows of quadrangles.

Some of were called streets and lanes, and some "hutongs".

Most of the hutongs we see today were built during the Ming and Qinq.Because of its unique style, paper-cutting is popular among Chinese people and foreigners as well.The art of paper-cutting was listed in the first group of national non-material cultural heritage approved by the Chinese State Council in 2006, and it was listed as a world non-material cultural heritage by UNESCO in the same year. Inside Painted Bottles Snuff bottles were popularly used by the common Chinese and royal family members as well during the Qing Dynasty.The yayo games are popularly played by Beijing residents especially in the morning. In English, both the sport and the object with which it is played are referred to as "shuttlecock" or "featherball".The game is widely played in China and Southeast Asia.

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