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•He inspires you to be a better person and to trust yourself to chase after your dreams……..

OR BECAUSE Everyone in his life lets him down, and you feel bad adding yourself to that list.

If this is the general perception, then one can say that, eventually, dating would lead to courtship, and then to engagement, and finally marriage.

However, many persons have expressed marriage as a far cry from the situation early on in the relationship.

• You love and trust him, and he feels the same way about you……..

OR BECAUSE you are afraid that if you break up with him he will start dating someone else just to make you jealous.

The love you feel can be strong; but sometimes the people who we love let us down. There’s no clear answer as to what we should do; or we know deep down what the answer is, but it’s not one we are ready to see yet or to accept. •He makes fun of you in front of other people, embarrasses you or talks badly about you behind your back. •He’s a great guy, but you just don’t feel a connection anymore.

•Your boyfriend hits you or hurts you physically in any way. •He forces you, or pressures you to have sex with him or to do things you don’t want to do. •You can’t talk to him about how you are feeling of what you are thinking. •You don’t have feelings for him anymore, or your feelings have changed.

•He doesn’t have the same morals and values as you do. OR BECAUSE you feel like you don’t deserve to want someone better than him.The Partner Who Is Both Good and Bad It is usual, especially for men, to think of one’s married partner as very responsible and prayerful.In fact, they should be so good enough to teach the children to pray and lead a good life.• He protects you and is always there for you if you need anything……..OR BECAUSE you are afraid of what he might do to you if you leave him.

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• He lets you have your own life and lots of friends, independent of him……..

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