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Think about the things you’ve been talking about in your messages or the things in her profile that you have in common.These are all areas that you can ask her about to keep the conversation going.You’ve done well so far, but now her digits are burning in your brain.Are you going to ace the first call or spiral down in flames?However, if you prefer to move to the phone before meeting or if you’re talking to someone who prefers that, I would recommend the following.When I offer advice on the first date, I recommend lots of planning (see my post on first date conversations that I mentioned above).These are not things you’re going to be able to do on a first date!Because of the flexibility that phone conversations give you, I wouldn’t recommend going to overboard in preparing for the first phone call.

When it comes, you exchange flirty little messages for a few days and learn about one another.Listen If you are doing 90% of the talking, you can bet she is getting more than a little bored on her end.You can win some serious points if you show authentic interest in her life and experiences.Ask her open ended questions that allow her to really get into the conversation.Respond to the things she is saying and move the conversation back to her often. Try to end the call on a positive note and put the ball in her court. If not, there are plenty of fish still left in the sea.

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