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It allowed the cool grey stones to bore into each of them, except Astrid. "Great, you ruined my meal." "Good," was all the male said before he continued his own.

Prince Ethan looked between his two eldest siblings.

It will contain patient romance, an unhealthy amount of incest, and quite frankly, some weird shit eventually.

The chapters on this site will be heavily edited to follow Literotica's guidelines.

She could starve herself to the point of a sickly, sinuous bride which foreign princes pined after—so long as she did not influence Eleanor the same.

He wanted his younger sister to dine properly, yes, but never to underfeed herself to the extent of bad health.

In an unsettling way, it reminded him of his father and mother, the King and Queen of Thellemere.

And no, it was not talk of the sacrifice that ruined Ethan's meal.

How many she had devoured, it was impossible to say, though the clash of fine silver caused her grey gaze to harden.His eyes were the color of stormy teal seas as they narrowed."Have you never heard before, princesses should eat in moderation?"You are old enough to know that it is quite rude to point." The voice was prissy and sharp, for she was the perfect example of perfect manners, or at least that was how she perceived herself."Though I do think that Eleanor ought to take better care in her dining habits." "What's the point of taking your time if it's going to get cold?

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A'zur and Astrid, they did not share features quite as distinctly as the younger four children.

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