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Nothing anyone said helped, and I was convinced that the HELP that I needed didn’t even exist.Then I read a book called THE GAME, and it changed my life.It is also because chicks in Arizona blew away the girls in LA, and since I’ve taught this stuff all around the world, right here in Az is the BEST places I have ever been sarging at, where I learned it, where I first started teaching, so YOU get to hit the same spots I did on my journey!(day game AND night game) The best part of being back in Az on my own is teaching pick up and life skills the way I WISHED I could have learned, with personal 1 on 1 training with an EXPERT, in the best, easy going, sarging spots in the world.Real Social Dynamics Mastermind Program ( members can ask questions here that will be answered by RSD Instructors in the upcoming RSD Mastermind Program Monthly CDs and programs.For access, email [email protected] both your RSD Nation username and your FULL NAME to verify you are a member of RSD Mastermind.

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OR You can do what THOUSANDS of guys did and become a part of THE BRAVOHOOD, and join our group of brothers who are all on a similar path as you, who are here to support you.

If you want me to coach you along the way, you can check out the COACHING that I currently offer, and if you have any doubts whether I am legit and what I teach works, here are what some guys I have coached HAVE TO SAY.

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