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The ASE can readily adapt to new scoring procedures or protocols and greatly reduces the time required to accurately score constructed response items and provide feedback to test-takers.

There are a number of quality assurance processes that GED Testing Service employs to further ensure the accuracy of scores on constructed response items: If a test-taker makes an error online and it is not caught or fixed at the time of testing by checking against an ID, what will happen?

How is the written response scored on GED Ready™ - Reasoning Through Language Arts? The written response is not able to be scored on GED Ready™ for the Reasoning Through Language Arts content area.

Instead, students will receive information in their online score report about what a typical written response should look like.

If your jurisdiction requires that students pass GED Ready™ before scheduling the official GED test, your students will be notified of this requirement in their Alerts dropdown of their My GED™ dashboard and will not be able to schedule in the online system until this requirement has been met, according to your jurisdiction’s policies.

Home delivery of the GED Ready™ is designed for those students who do not participate in adult education programs (historically about 50% of GED test-takers).

Will GED Manager™ be faster than Credential Manager?

How will GED Ready™ work if we require that the practice test be taken in a proctored environment?To request a special change, contact 1-877-EXAM-GED. The Smart Transcript is available in certain states and jurisdictions that have decided to partner with GED Testing Service for the GED Credentialing™ service for transcript and diploma fulfillment. If I’m not a student, can I sign up for My GED™ at so I have the experience for myself?Yes, teachers and testing centers are allowed to sign up for a My GED™ account to explore the dashboard and see what the process is like for your students.Clocks and Breaks Automated Scoring Engine Eraseable Noteboards Field Testing Pricing Test Policies 2002 Series Closeout Campaign Background Knowledge Offer GED Test on Computer Diagnostic Test Credential Professional Development Assessment Guide for Educators program? Millions of adults, without high school diplomas, lack the skills and knowledge to succeed in the 21st century marketplace. That’s why GED Testing Service has built not just a new test, but a new comprehensive program.The 2014 GED program ensures that an adult’s high school equivalency credential signifies he or she has the skills and knowledge necessary to take the next critical steps in their life.

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Students will also have a copy of the item prompt and their written response so they can bring it into an adult education center for scoring by a trained educator.

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