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"The holidays are a great way to break through the ice by asking real substantive questions, getting to know people on a deeper level and then say 'how was it being single for you during the holidays? For singles trying to make those connections, Match says p.m. 7 is the best time to sign up for online dating, when Match plans to see a 42% spike in new singles looking for love.

And when those messages start flowing into your inbox, House notes that singles should be strategic about their first meeting.

If you meet the man of your dreams, I need to check him out. Stephen: Oh, you’re just not meeting the right people. You know, where they find the perfect partner for you. And besides, I don’t want a computer to make decisions for me. The thought of having to change, educate or convince my partner to think that way is not appealing to me.I want a vegan man and I am guessing there are other vegans who are attracted to the same qualities." As Julia says "Here's to a vegan world!

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