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That being said, this problem is actually much easier than you think.You can send the "plain text" password over the wire, but you need to be sending it over SSL/TLS!Applicatin Sign In Cookie is an active forms authentication middleware, so when a valid cookie is returned, it will: · Automatically redirect an unauthorized response to the login page. The following is a basic flow of application forms authentication. Alter response status to 302 and redirect to /Application/Login? Sign In to sign in with application sign in cookie c. · Set the logged in user principal to Http Context. Return Url=/Account/Manage The application sign in cookie is in active authentication mode and it will automatically redirect to login page when there is a 401 response. Status: 301 Location: /Account/Manage Server code does: a. Redirecting to return Url External Sign In Cookie is a passive forms authentication, which is unobtrusive to your application if you don’t explicitly ask it to do something. The new security feature design for MVC 5 is based on OWIN authentication middleware.The benefit for it is that security feature can be shared by other components that can be hosted on OWIN.The reason being is what if you upgrade to a newer version of ASP. You will need to track down the source code and update the hashing method for your client side application.How will your users get the new hashing method on their device?

To demo external sign in cookie, you need to configure an external provider like Facebook. This flow chart starts from the point Facebook authentication middleware receives the user info from Facebook graph API. For the detailed flow for external provider sign in process, please check out Robert’s tutorial: External Authentication Services . Since the Katana team did a great effort to support the OWIN integrated pipeline in ASP. · Working with new Identity API To get started, you need to create new MVC .NET, it can also secure apps hosted on IIS, including ASP. Forms authentication uses an application ticket that represents user’s identity and keeps it inside user agent’s cookie. · Make sure you have installed: · In Visual Studio 2013, select New Project from File menu · In New Project dialog, select Installed Template / Visual C# / Web / ASP. NET Project dialog, select MVC project template Optional: On the right panel of the dialog, you can select Configure Authentication, to choose No Authentication, Individual User Accounts, Organization Authentication and Windows Authentication.

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Defines the return URL parameter name, which tells your application the URL of previous unauthorized request to redirect to after login.

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