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On a close examination of the final code Milk suggested to you (his post #10), I observed that the code uses the term ‘ which is what you originally desired in your post #1 in that thread. As I indicated above, if it’s OK with you, I’d like to use whichever code that successfully helped you to achieve your original aim.Meanwhile, I’ve received the code I was promised, and I’ve pasted it below for your examination: Code: Sub write Nums() Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, k As Integer, l As Integer, m As Integer, n As Integer, counter As Long ' create array to hold numbers required in 30 unique placeholders Dim arr Vals() Re Dim arr Vals(1 To 30) Dim x As Integer For x = 1 To 30 arr Vals(x) = Range("numbers"). Value ' swap (1,x) to (x,1) if using column instead of row Next x counter = 1 ' avoids header row ' write all unique combinations of numbers For i = 1 To 25 For j = i 1 To 26 For k = j 1 To 27 For l = k 1 To 28 For m = l 1 To 29 For n = m 1 To 30 counter = counter 1 Cells(counter, 1) = arr Vals(i) Cells(counter, 2) = arr Vals(j) Cells(counter, 3) = arr Vals(k) Cells(counter, 4) = arr Vals(l) Cells(counter, 5) = arr Vals(m) Cells(counter, 6) = arr Vals(n) Application.He explained further that when the code is run, it will pull the 30 values into an array and then write the contents of the x’th value of the array instead of the x’th number.He added that he used it sometime in the past and that it worked OK but did not pursue the project; that he would dig it out and forward to me by email tomorrow. If I have that, then I would need your help with the second part of my request in my post #1 above, i.e. (3) – Matching the results with the generated numbers.Given this development, I thought of a suggestion: I would like to have the generated numbers in the first worksheet named ‘ – with the 6 numbers plus the bonus number occupying columns A to G.In paragraph 2 (a) of my post #1 above, I had indicated that the two would be in one worksheet.Could you kindly suggest and insert into the code any line or lines that could be added to it the achieve that, please. Kenny as far as i can remember this project was shelved, without any particular resolution (pressure of work at the time), i have no idea if i still have any of the code from then how long does that code take to run?

c) If ONLY 5 Plus the Bonus ball of the drawn results are matched in columns A to F, then the 5 numbers plus the bonus number will also be coloured RED, and then “5 ” is inserted in column H for that row. Kenny there have been threads in the vb6 forum for generating number combinations, using arrays rather than excel, the code should use arrays anyway, as an excel worksheet would be very slow, ok to display the final results i seem to remember starting a thread about that myself in vb6 i think the matching code would be simple enough once the numbers are generated i do my best to test code works before i post it, but sometimes am unable to do so for some reason, and usually say so if this is the case.

Infact when he explained to me the way his code works, I took down some notes.

He said that - I would need to give my worksheet the name ‘numbers’, then I would create a named range called ‘numbers’ and type in my 30 values into row 1 of the worksheet (with each number occupying a cell).

However, it gives me 593,776 rows of 6 number combinations.

Borrowing from your thinking, if I can limit the combinations only to those that sum within the range 160-175, it will help me to cut down the no of combinations I have to work with.

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generating the combinations; that the code would have each set of 6 numbers placed (each number) in a cell (e.g.

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