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Cooper, while Bob Taylor just sits and waits while they settle their private matters.

First to be called, Phil Silverstein — who had to get STARS STEP OUT FOR RECREATION t WHAT TO DO AT A PARTY: Gary Cooper is being very at- tentive to Mrs.

If you are as immensely fond of Robbie Robertson's mature, intense, post-"The Band" solo projects as I am, how on earth can you look back at this "primitive," self-titled Band album with any other emotion than disgust? This album is/was 5 stars for performance and song writing long before this release on gold.

After nearly 40 years, one of the best loved albums in rock (if there is a pigeon hole for this album) gets cleaned up.

Literary skill, fancy words, decorated writing paper, neatness — just don't count for a single extra thing! Entries for the Sinai week's contest must be post- maikcd betoie midnight, April 2N , starting March 11th. still prefer the famous Regular Italian Balm because M in 100 words or less. He thought such a restaurant — espe- cially with a common name like the Brown Derby — would draw a big trade. The first Brown Derby, built in the shape of a hat, went up on Wilshire Boule- vard opposite the Ambassador Hotel. THEN THE BOYS were taught to care for their equipment, make beds and — here's Jimmy with his first Springfield. My guess is that he'll be one of the Army's finest thumbed down a part in "Bad men of Missouri,'' and Dennis Morgan took it . Important Castings Margaret Sullavan will play a girl newspaper reporter in "The Man Who Lived Alone," and Joe Pasternak will await Maggie's recovery from the ar- rival March 27 of her third child, a boy, before starting shooting . Her papa is Arthur Charles Dow, Jr., of the wealthy meat -packers, and her mother is Mary Louise Bowling Dow. He was born in Nebraska REVIEWS "I Wanted Wings" Oasti Ray Mtlland. A Paramount pic- ture, produced by Arthur Hornblow.

In fact, YOU can win one of these huge cash awards just as well as anyone else — rich or poor, young or old. over the Italian Balm FIRST XIGHTER radio pro- gram. Attach ©no (1) empty Italian Balm carton, any size from 10c to S1.00, tor facsimile) and send fo Campana Sales Mm m. A second and larger Derby followed it, this time on Vine Street near Hollywood Boulevard. Jr.; directed by Mitchell Leisen, who also directed "Remember the Night." Based on a story by Eleanore Griffin and Commander Frank Wead, HI WANTED WINGS" is the I greatest flying picture since "Hell's Angels" and it should be seen by every youth in America to inspire them with the high traditions of the United States Army Air Corps, Besides being a swell and most timely picture, and in ad- dition to offering Ray Milland. Bill Holden and Brian Donlevy in first-rate per- formances. as a blond vamp, is the nearest thing to Jean Harlow to hit the screen since the latter's death. This young lady is going to give all Hollywood's glamour girls a tus- sle for top place.

Read this advertisement carefully -It, will give you helpful pointers. Simply complete either sentence ; (1} "I like the new Special-Improved Italian Balm because "or (2) "1 still prefer Lin: famous Regular Italian Balm because "in 1 ....,. But everyone knows the head waiters— Chelios at the Hollywood Brown Derby; Sam at the Wilshire; Greg- ory at Beverly Hills. "More than usual conviction and emotional tug." "The Sea Wolf" Cast: Edward G. Ida Lupino, John Garfield, Alexander Knox, Gene Lockhart, Barry Fitz- gerald, et al.

Initially renowned as Bob Dylan's backing group, the Band emerged from the singer's shadow to proclaim a distinctive talent. See Full Description Rolling Stone (12/11/03, p.110) - Ranked #45 in Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums Of All Time" - "...

The songs were uproarious, full of outrageous double-entendres..."Entertainment Weekly (9/1/00, p.81) - "...[One] of the best albums in rock history....

A new kind of Italian Balm is thrilling millions of women. It gives yon thr bt'np- fit of DOUBLE-ACTION (skin Softening p*us Protecting ac- tion) in approximately half the application time required by ••Regular" Italian Bairn. I .'nsol letted manuscripts should bo accompanied by Mainpcd. Ten cents pr copy in the I'nl'ed Staff* si-uscttii'Tiox uvtks in the V. mid pruse^ions and countries of the Pan-American Postal f Tnbm ■ six months, S2. Cameraman caught them leaving the Mocambo Photographs by Jack Albin and Walt Davia MOVIE MOTHERS DANCE FOR CHARITY ABOVE: Tyrone Power's mother straightens his flower as Anna- bella, his wife, looks on as they attend the first annual charity dinner dance of Motion Picture Mothers, Inc.

You'll m«rvel at its speedier action, smoothness and complete free- dom from stickiness. (an organization made up of the stars' mothers) RIGHT: Among the mother- daughter duos present were Jane Withers and her mother.

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Originated in Canada in 1881 POINTERS THAT WILL HELP YOU! You'll marvel at its quick ""finish"— your ebility to put on your gloves immediately after using and the smooth, soft, protected feeling that Special-Improved Italian Balm gives your skin. Editorial and Circulation Offices; 7*J1 Plymouth Court. The arch at right of picture leads to the Bamboo Room, famous cock- — truce Sailry Photograph* tail lounge. Garbo got in between war news bulletins by announcing she would shorten her long bob and show her ears, also that she would sing in her next film, "Anna and Anita" . Rosalind Russell suffered a bad shock when her car was side wiped at Palm Springs . • Constance Bennett was sued for $383 over a dressmaker's bill allegedly four years old . JIMMY and his buddies get their first taste of army grub, dished up on stainless-steel plates, cafeteria style.

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