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If I had to describe it, I’d say “Basically every 80’s genre movie ever made rolled into one”. T.”, “The Goonies”, “Poltergeist”, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “Alien”, “Predator”, the John Carpenter oeuvre, and even “Half-Life”, of all things (which isn’t eighties, but hey, whatever). All of the main characters are three-dimensional people with flaws and virtues, and all of them have full character arcs. Of particular note are the exceptional performances by the child actors.

You can even sprinkle some John Hughes type stuff in there thanks to a subplot involving the dating drama of one of the main characters. They take four characters that can easily have been simple stereotypes or archetypes and turn them into complex human beings with unique roles on their team that go a step beyond “The Leader”, “The Skeptic”, “The Comic Relief” and “The Psychic”.

Find out what happens to her in “Let the Games Begin,” the competitive lead story in this packed summer read!

Script: Dan Parent Art: Dan Parent, Jon D’Agostino, Bill Yoshida, Barry Grossman Cover: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Tito Peña On Sale: 9/10 160-page, full color comic .99 U. PREVIEW SUBSCRIBE DIGITAL ARCHIE GIANT COMICS DIGEST Everyone loves Archie Comics!

SABRINA’S MAGIC SCHOOL School is in session—but your school was never like this!

"My way of protesting is through my music," he told Mother Jones.

"With this newfound stature I have this voice where if I say something, a lot of people listen to it."Bada$$ is one of several hip hop artists to not only speak against police violence, but use their art as a form of protest.

In December, Wu-Tang Clan's RZA told Gawker that every cop involved with the Eric Garner case should have been indicted.

Last month, Garner's daughter Erica released an emotional tribute song about her father's death with another member of her family, Steven Flagg.

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Guest-starring Ginger Snapp, Suzie, Linda Lake, Laurie Moore and Toni Topaz - and Archie's dog, Vegas!

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  1. INFJs can’t really do the job though because INFJs get deeply offended if they have to do stuff that doesn’t align with their values. But sometimes Melissa gets attached to INFJs even though she can’t place them. And I spent so much time showing Melissa the inevitability of kids, so it makes me happy to watch Melissa spend day after day showing Annie the same thing.

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